Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Out of Flour Pancakes!

Hi there! Today on Misadventures with Mindy, we're making pancakes from scratch without water, without flour, without baking soda, and without butter. Wait what?!

Oh yeah. These are the easiest pancakes in the world to make.
Grab your ingredients.

Blend 1 egg and 1 oz cream cheese into a liquid.
From here, you can add whatever flavor fill-ins you want. I used cocoa protein powder and some Sweetex.
It looks like this.

Pour into a hot griddle on medium heat like you would pancake mix.

Flip after 30~ seconds.
Try not to throw it out of the pan or break them like I did.

They should look like this on both sides.

Then just eat like pancakes! I did strawberry jam on mine. They have the same texture as pancakes, I swear, haha.
My delicious mangled first batch. Ate it with a spoon!
1 oz cream cheese and 1 egg for one person
2 oz cream cheese and 2 eggs for two people, etc.
sugar/sweetener (optional)
oats (optional)
cocoa powder (optional)
protein powder (optional)

Frying Pan

117cal, 1g carbs, 9g fat, 6g protein, 1g sugar

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