Saturday, 18 January 2014

Spring Ham Wraps

Hi guys! Today on Misadventures with Mindy, I'll have you know that I only burnt ONE of the delicious spring ham wraps.

This is the easiest recipe. Literally, it's only three ingredients so you can't go wrong.  All you're doing is cooking green onion and wrapping it in ham so it looks nice and cute.

Get your set up ready. We need a pot, pan, and a cutting board.

You need thinly sliced ham and a handful of green onions. Cut the tops of the green onions; all we need is that part!

Save the rest of your onion for something else!

The shoots of your green part should be tubes like this. 

We're going to cut into that, straight down the middle.
Flattened onion.

Cut them further into strips that are about three inches long.

Now throw them into some boiling water.

Keep cooking until they look like this, flattening out on their own:

Now take your ham. I have ham squares!

Cut that into strips that are long enough to wrap around the middle of your green onion (about two inches) but still leave some space for the green to poke out. The ham should be wide enough to wrap around with just a little overlap.

You're basically making "t"s out of them.

Wrap it good and tight like this. Now you're going to lay them two at a time seam-down into the pan at medium heat with the oil in it.
Pin them with your spatula for better results.

Flip them over after 30 seconds.
They're done when they look like this on both sides:

And enjoy! Don't burn yours like I did. These are great for an appetizer.

Thin Sliced Ham
Green Onion

Supplies:Cutting Board
Frying Pan

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